Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tomato Tuesday!!!

Tomato's are in full force in my garden, YAY!
This makes me happy! The tomatos I have will make pizza sauce and marinara and some killer BLT's for lunch! I also made a yummy garden salad with multiple tomatos over the weekend for my daughters big 18 Birthday Bash! 18 I can hardly belive she is an adult!

These are all the Black Krims I picked last week. I forgot to post my tomatos last tuesday! I was busy preparing for the 3 differnt Birthday events we held for my daughter who turned 18.

Our garden salad was so yummy! Loaded with garden veggies and tomatos!

Here are some Early Girls, I will be canning these into yummy pizza sauce!

Roma Tomatos will be making some tomato paste for winter use! The sweet cherry 100's will get eaten everytime I walk in the kitchen. These are super yummy as a snack.

More Black Krims that I picked yesterday and Black Cherry Tomatos. Im waiting for a few more Black Krims to make some Marinara. I love the Black Cherry tomatos in my salad!

Black Krims are my favorite this year! To me they are like Heaven!

Im still waiting on Green Zebras, Mr Stripeys, Pink Brandywine, Mortgage Lifters, Pinapple, Yellow Pear, Big Boy, San Marzano  and Celebrity to ripen in my garden. I should be seeing Green Zebras by the weekend! So far I have harvested 24 pounds of tomatos.

How are your tomato gardens doing?
Whats your favorite this year?

Happy Tomato picking!!!


  1. Those Black Krims are really neat looking. I bet they're yummy, too. I have Roma and Yellow Pear thus far, and they're delicious but not too numerous yet. I bet they'll all turn ripe at the same time.

  2. Melissa,
    They are really good! I love yellow pear too. It seems the tomatos will ripen all at once, im kinda afraid thats what will happen to me, lol. I will be up to my eyeballs in tomatos if that does happen!

  3. Yummy yummy tomatoes! I have some of those black cherry tomatoes I think. I have white beauties that are as big as both my fists together! Waiting for those to ripen soon. Then I can make yellow salsa. Tomato Tuesday is a good idea. Maybe I will do that next week.

  4. Truly awesome. Our garden has put out the occassional tomato or two -- perhaps three -- but nothing like the haul featured here. I've got loads and loads of green tomatoes on the vine -- but no large scale harvesting yet. Still -- I'll join you some day. Nice pics!


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