Tuesday, September 7, 2010

~Tomato Tuesday~

Tomato season is slowing down for alot of people. Fall is slowly trying to creep in. I am still getting alot of cherry type tomato's and a few other types as well.

I have loved eating and trying so many new varieties this year! I will be sad to see tomato season go.

I have been waiting all summer for Tomitillos! Finally I have one. Many more on the way. I also picked my first Roma type tomato.

I love how the Tomitillo plant grows. The fruits remind me of Japanese lanterns. I think next year I will plant these in the front yard with my flowers.

I am also getting about 3-4 Green Zebra's a week as well!

They are a vibrant green when you cut into them! They are green with yellowish orange stripes. They have a tart flavor to me with a tough skin. I love them with Blue Cheese dressing.

I am also enjoying the little yellow pear tomato's. They are so sweet and delicious. My plants are producing alot and the plants are huge in size. I think I will have yellow pear tomato's till October! Which is fine with me!

I love the vibrant yellow of these little guys. They are so flavorful.

Here is what I picked over the weekend.

How is your Tomato harvest going?

Is the end near  or are you still producing heavily?

Happy Tomato picking!

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