Friday, November 12, 2010

The final summer bounty!

Summer is gone! I was ready!

I picked over 400 pounds of Tomato's this summer! The most I have ever had in a summer harvest.
This is my final haul out of the summer garden!
I picked all the green Tomato's I could find, I was surprised we still had so many.
I also picked the remaining peppers. Hopefully enough Tomato's will ripen to make some spicy tomato jam for Christmas gifts.

Now that summer is over, will you be planting a winter garden?
What will you grow?

Happy Gardening Friends!!!

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  1. I have NO winter garden, except what is still growing from my fall and summer garden. I have to add up my tomato count and see how many pounds I had this summer. I don't think I had as many as you, but I had more than I've ever had before too! Hope I'll be the recipient of some of that yummy spicy jam.


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