Thursday, January 13, 2011

Seeds and the many decisions...Heirlooms,GMOs,Hybrid & Open Pollinated!

The time has come! The mail box has runneth over with Seed Catalogs!
Which means spring must be near.

I love looking through my catalogs and dreaming and choosing what I want to grow this year!

In the past couple of years I have been more aware of the kind of seeds I buy. Most seed catalogs give you a list of the type of seed they sell. From Heirlooms, GMOs, Hybrids to Open Pollinated seeds.

I decided my post today would be to educate myself and hopefully others about the different types of seed offered.

Heirloom seeds are open -pollinated seed, that have been around generally 50 years or longer. From what I read they were bred before chemical pesticides were common.

GMOs are the result of non traditional plant breeding. Most are produced in a laboratory. Instead of using Pollen from another plant, they add genes that don't even come from plants! Like Bacteria!

Hybrid Seeds are from the first generation of a cross between two related varieties. They use traditional breeding techniques. For example, like brushing the flower of one with the pollen from another.

Treated Seed are coated with pesticide or fungicide chemicals (bleh) after harvest!

Certified Organic Seed come from farms that are inspected by the USDA's Organic Certification Program. No chemicals are used and they must meet other regulations. The seeds can not be GMO.

Just a few interesting facts on seeds. 

I personally am into buying Heirlooms and Certified Organic.

What type of seeds do you like and why?

Happy seed shopping!!!


  1. Great breakdown of the different types of seeds available, Jenn!

    I mainly purchase heirloom seeds, but also throw in a decent mix of hybrids. Hybrids seem to grow more consistently for me, so I grow some to make sure I have a plentiful harvest (hopefully).

    I would never recommend buying GMO or treated seeds. You might as well go outside and lick the lid on the pesticide bottle.

  2. Just received my 'Seed Saver Exchange' catalog. With all this snow on the ground here in NJ, I'm looking forward to curling up on the couch, dreaming of spring and placing an order for organic and heirloom only!


  3. Tee, I buy mostly Heirloom and Organic. I do buy a few Hybrids, mostly peppers! Im so not about licking a bottle of pesticides, lol.

    Sue, Isnt it fun to dream of next years garden! Im so excitied to get growing!

  4. Some heirlooms and hybrids probably. I hope to make it to the Petaluma seed bank this year before growing season but we will see. With two little ones the garden does not always get my full attention.


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