Sunday, January 30, 2011

Something is blooming... My first cactus blooms

Cactus's are something I have never really thought about growing! In the past year or so, I have been picking one up here and another there. I have also started buying succulents as well.

I received a Christmas Cactus over the holiday! I love how pretty they are.

I love how green they are. The leaves are flattened with scallop like edges. This Christmas Cactus has a bloom that hasn't opened yet! 

The flowers are so pretty! I love how they shoot out from the plant. The flowers are about 3 inches long. The flowers are so red and vibrant with a little pink tongue sticking out at you! I did notice the blooms last longer when they are near light!
I look forward to trying to keep this cactus alive. I am not very experienced in cactus's. Although I am learning! Learning is the fun part of growing plants!

From what I have learned they like rich well drained soil and bright indirect light. Christmas Cactus's are not drought tolerant and like to be watered. Let them dry out between waterings. Over watering can lead to root rot. Water less in the winter time!

Do you grow Cactus's? What are some of your favorites? Do you have any advice for me on keeping this baby alive and thriving?

Happy Cactus Growing!!!


  1. Big flowers for the cactus... sheer beauty. ~bangchik

  2. It's a beauty. I don't have this one. The way I keep my cactus alive is by having them out of the way so that I don't water them unnecessarily. I have a few moon cactus that I water only on every Sunday.

  3. I love these plants, but so sad--mine appears to have died. Since it used to belong to my mother-in-law, and she asks about it all the time, I might have to cheat and buy a replacement (and not tell her).

  4. I bought several Christmas Cactuses for people for Christmas, and saved one nice one for myself. I'll have to remember to post pictures of it blooming. It was pretty amazing.

    I agree that cactuses are very nice residents. they seem hard to kill thus far.

  5. Bangchik, I find myself starring at the flowers alot!

    One, Its a great one to have and so easy to maintain! Im not sure I know what a Moon cactus is?

    Xan, Oh no! Maybe you better sneak one back in the house!

    Melissa, The blooms are so pretty! Cactus's I can keep alive. House plants not so much!

  6. I have all three colours, (red, white & pink) in one pot, and because they bloom at different times of the year, it's a lovely surprise each time it flowers.
    My only advice is:- Good light-Yes, not constant bright sunlight, unless your good ay remembering to water it often!! mine is watered regulary every 1-2 weeks, more in the summer, BUT......I never drown it.

  7. hello? can you see me?
    YA I GOT DIRT!!! hahahahaha! I love you lady...we are a great pair...dirt, and sticks to poke it with!!! hahahahaha
    I am glad to have gotten to know you too!
    my christmas cactus is blooming again ..well budding up now seems to want to bloom every other month here lately...yours is a very nice color!!!
    hugs honey!!!

  8. That is amazing! My mom has had cactus for years and it never bloomed. Beautiful!


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