Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Super Sow Sunday Update

Super Sow Sunday was so much fun!

I got a few seeds started during the event!

Everything I needed to get ready!

I planted Brocolli, Basil, Russian Persimmon Tomato's and Leeks!

Here is how they look a week later!


Basil (Purple Opal, Sweet Chen & Citrus)

French Leeks

Russian Persimmon Tomato's

I also won a few contests on Super Sow Sunday!

Here's what I won!

Seeds from Renee's Garden and a Greeting card with seeds in the paper from http://wallflowerstudioseeds.blogspot.com/

I also won lots of flowers from Botanical Interests

I also won Herb seeds from Cubits Organics 

It was such a fun event!
I would like to thank Bren over at BG Garden
She pulled off a wonderful event! 
She also is the moderator for #gardenchat on Twitter!

Thanks Bren for all you do in the Gardening Community!

What seeds have you started?

Happy Seed Starting!!!


  1. Look at all those fun little seedlings. I'm so happy to see them grows and can't wait to see them in your garden after a healthy start in your greenhouse!

    Thank you for being such a wonderful part of #supersowsunday . It is going to be fun to look back at how awesome our gardens were in 2011 at the next #supersowsunday!

  2. Thanks Bren! Next year is going to be so fun! I had a great time!


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