Monday, March 7, 2011

Growing edibles with flowers contest!

Growing edibles is so fun! Whats even more fun is seeing them grown with flowers and bulbs.
Growing the 2 together makes for a pretty container garden!

I saw great container gardens with both growing together!

I decided to do a fun little contest. Below is a picture of a container garden.
 If you can guess all the EDIBLES growing with the flowers and bulbs. You will win a pack of lettuce seeds and a pack of flower seeds that grow well in containers!
 Maybe you will be inspired to grow them together! 

I will pick 3 winners based on how many you got right!

I will announce the winners on Friday March 11,2011

Good Luck Friends!

Happy Growing!


  1. Looks like lettuce,parsley and chard. Pretty container!

  2. I don't need the seeds, but what a pretty container! Fun idea.

  3. So cute! I see flat leaf parsley, curly parsley, red leaf lettuce, and spinach.

  4. I think I see some lettuce, parsley, tulip petals, spinach, poppy seeds, linaria flowers, chard?

  5. I have winners! 2 who commented here and 1 on my fan page! Jason is the winner on my fan page! The winners from my blog are........... Meemsnyc and Thunderslug!!!!! Email me at with your address so I can send out your seeds!


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