Friday, March 4, 2011

Compost with Chris McLaughlin and Annie's Annuals...A perfect Saturday!

Most of you know all about Annie"s Annuals! I have been hearing about this AMAZING nursery for over a year now. I finally, was able to make a trip there. Not only did I get to check this AWESOME nursery out, I was able to hear the FAMOUS Chris McLaughlin talk all about Compost and Worm Bins! 

Chris McLaughlin is the Author of CIG to Composting.

A very comprehensive book about Compost and Worm Bins! I love this book! This book is very easy to follow and understand. If you are new to composting, this book is perfect for you!

Chris and I striking a pose!
 We had such a great time talking compost and plants
. I enjoyed talking about Veggie gardens and using recycled items in the garden.
Silly me forgot to take pictures of her demonstration. She had a pretty good turn out.
After her demonstration we did a little walk through Annie's. My walk lasted about 3 hours. There is so much to see at Annie's, you almost need an entire day!

This is just one corner of Annie's Annuals! 

Lot's of neat edibles and plants in different types of containers.

Purple Kale

I love these! I am loving purple's this year.

Orange and Greens!

I love this! I cant remember what this is called. It makes me think the flowers will open and eat ya!

Their were a few areas that are landscaped throughout.


Sitting area

The combinations in this area are way cool!

Can you see the teacup on the metal pole? Very neat idea.

This would be a wonderful ground cover in my front yard.

What a wonderful idea!

Who doesn't love free Soil?

Here are some of my faves!

One of the best parts of the day! My husband was patient and pulled my wagon of plants for me! He is a keeper!

If you ever have the chance to visit Annie's Annuals I highly recommend you do so! Plan on spending the whole day at this Fabulous nursery!

Happy Gardening and Composting!!!


  1. It was so wonderful meeting up with you guys! I KNOW we'll be doing it again...and isn't Annie's Annuals the BEST?!


  2. Isn't that flower an angel trumpet? I SO wish I could grow them here but its cold.

    HOW Cool is it you're hanging with Chris McLaughlin?? I'm trying to convince hubby we need to compost and was going to get him her book to help. Wish me luck!!

  3. Annies will be having a spring sale April 9th and 10th. That will be my next visit there. Great selection and what a huge place.

  4. Wonderful shares with Chris (AKA @Suburban_Farmer)and Annie's Annuals I'm looking forward to a trip that wa soon, this makes me want to make the trip now : )

  5. My first visit to Annie's was on Friday, the day before yours Absolutely fabulous! I needed more than a wagon to haul my selections to the car. I'll be making the journey from Stockton a few more times this year. I love seeing the plants in various gardens when they tag the nursery on fb.

  6. I love looking at Annie's catalog, but I can't order a lot from there, because so much of it isn't hardy to my zone. I can't pay the shipping costs to have annuals sent to me at that cost. But it is so pretty. Looks like you had a fun day. I've had angel's trumpets, but I have to bring mine in in the winter.


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