Thursday, February 24, 2011

Recycling a Lettuce Garden

I am always on the look out of doing Recycled projects!
 I have a few in the works, that I will be sharing soon!

I thought today I would share with you, one of my favorite recycle projects!

What you will need:
Wheel Burrow

Today, I am starting a Container Lettuce. I would definitely consider a wheel burrow a container!
I will be growing Garden Babies Butterhead by Renee's Garden
First I got my soil ready. I used Organic soil mixed with a little rabbit poo.

I made a few rows in the wheel burrow for my seeds. I spaced each row about 2-3 inches apart.

I then, Sprinkled the seeds and covered the rows with soil. Gave them a nice sprinkle of water. I guess now, I just wait!

I put my wheel burrow by the door of my greenhouse. 
This way in the afternoon the lettuce will have a little shade.

What recycling projects are you doing?

Happy Gardening!!!


  1. I grew lettuce in my wheel barrow last year then converted it to an everbearing strawberry garden. I recently added a new wheelbarrow with junebearing strawberries.

  2. Thanks for sharing your recycle ideas. Now... where do I get a wheel barrow? I'll be on the look out for large unwanted items that can be used as a planter.

    I've used coconut husks as garden bed borders. They shrink after some time so we would need to add in more. I find them a whole lot more portable than using stones or bricks. Sometimes we need to move them about when we do weeding.

  3. This is a great idea. Love how you re-purpose items to make them work for you.

  4. Jenn----LOVE your button! It's SO cute!!

  5. Look at you grow girl! This is very inspiring watching your seedlings grow. Keep us posted!

  6. That's going to be gorgeous. Can you actually move it around to keep it in proper sun/shade?

  7. I have a wagon I plant flowers in...but it is so rusty I have to insert containers inside.


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