Friday, April 15, 2011

Cal State Garden Build Part 2

As the preparations continued for the Cal State Garden show, there was plenty of work to be done!

Paint went on the walls! 
The lighting in the building is really bad. The colors used were a yellow and an almost terra cotta color. 
The colors work really well together.

These are the walls for the outdoor dinning area! 
This is also a side entrance into the front yard living space.

This is a frontal view of the front yard edible living space.
Olive trees and grapefruit trees will add height to the space.

A walkway into the front yard space. A small gate will be put at the end of this walkway.
It is going to be fabulous!

This area will be a lounging and fun area. Possibly even a potting table. 
So many possibilities for this large outdoor living space. 

This little nook will be a dinning area. Some coper panels will make a roof. 
This design really will incorporate outdoor living and utilizing your outdoor space. Yet,
the walls will give you a sense of privacy. Two smalls windows will add extra light to the space, while also being used  as art  by being able to look out into the garden while you enjoy a meal.

Other added elements such as cobblestone side yards.
 Large pots with trees and some seating will go here.

I love these walkways. They invite you to enter and enjoy some relaxation.

This charming area will be a vegetable garden. There is an entrance from the side yard. These iron gates add charm and elegance. Also serving as a way to keep large animals out of the garden area.

We are also using these Iron pieces to add elements to the space. Adding dimensions to make the space more appealing.

Water features in the garden are nice to! They add texture to a space and trickling water is relaxing.

Another water feature we will be using in the design. 
This fountain will hold plants to add more texture.

Gates! Beautiful! These are the main entrance gates. They add height and charm. 
The entry way looks more inviting.

Also, we are using these very cool garden bed brackets for raised beds throughout the garden space.

You just slide the wood in the already formed brackets! Makes garden bed building very easy!
The brackets also make the garden area more elegant looking.

Stay tunned for the final post on the completed display!

Happy Garden Designing!!!

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