Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Garden show finale!

Finally we finished! Here are a few pictures of the final display! We received Silver, which is 2nd place.

The lighting in this big warehouse is really wonky!

This is the side view with a small seating area.

Inside the patio is a potting table. Every gardener needs a spot to get their plants ready for the soil. 

A fun little sitting area to unwind with a nice glass of wine.

This is the veggie garden area I designed! Its off to the side, yet still in the front yard living space.

The olive tree in the front yard area.

The Wonderful Award!

As I go through more pictures, I will post them. This was such a fun experience!

Have you ever been to a garden show or participated in one?
Tell me all about it!

Happy Gardening Friends!!!

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  1. What fantastic photos and beautiful display! I love home and garden shows. Such a great place to get fresh, new, modern ideas. When we had our garden center, we often did displays for the local shows and furnished plants to decorate booths for other businesses. Great job!


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