Friday, April 29, 2011

Fabulous Friday 5! 5 Favorite things from the week!

On this wonderful Friday I have decided to show some of my fellow bloggers some love. Here are 5 of my fave's from the week!

Eat. Drink. Play in the Dirt. 
3 things I love! Check out this blog by Nikki! She is super fun and a great garden inspiration! Oh and did I mention, she has great drink ideas! 
She invented the MooTini!!!
 This week she grabbed my attention with her bird seed balls!
Image from Nikki @ Dirt & Martinis

Michael, at My Earth Garden Is working on creating a rural Homestead from the ground up. For the month of April he did 20 recipes in 30 days! Wait till you here about his May challenge! But, you will have to check out his blog to find out what it is! 
This week he shared a wonderful recipe, Cashew Chicken & Spring Rolls! 
OH.... Did I mention he is a Garden Rockstar and the Author of I Garden: Urban Style

Image from Michael @ My Earth Garden

My pal Daniel from Your Small Kitchen Garden is a Jack of all trades! A great all around guy! He has been my food preserving pal since I started my blog! I stalk his page often! He is always giving good seed growing advice with great videos to follow! 
Recently, Daniel wrote a Fantabulous book! Yes, you can! And freeze and dry it, too!
Of course the blog entry that snagged me this week, has to do with Preserving food! 
He shows the many ways you can accomplish preserving food!

Image from Daniel @ Your Small Kitchen Garden

All around good guy Bill Bird! Very funny with his adventures in Gardening and Bee's! 
Whenever I need a good comedy relief, I head to Bill's blog!
 Sacramento Vegetable Gardening is all about growing in Sacramento, where I am from!
One thing I love about Bill, is his devotion to his wife and goddess Venus! That man truly loves that woman!
The post that had me salivating this week was all about Artichokes!
 I have to say, I am super jealous of all the chokes he will be consuming! From reading his blog, I probably wont be getting any chokes this season from my plants!  There's always next year!

Last but not least!

My girl Bren from BG Garden! Bren is the host of #Gardenchat on Twitter! 
A fun place for Gardeners to chat and learn new ideas. She lines up awesome guest hosts each Monday night!
 She also has a great blog covering many topics from growing, eating and social media! 
This week Bren took us on an adventure to Arkansas! Where she hung out with P.Allen Smith and many other great bloggers. 
P.Allen Smith had a Garden 2 Blog event where he invited bloggers, to see his garden home and many other great places! It looked like they had a great time!
I love seeing what Bren will cook up next!

Image from Bren @ BG Garden

What are some of your favorite blogs?
Leave me links in the comments, I would love to check them out!
Have a great weekend and enjoy the blogs I have shared with you!

Happy Gardening Friends!!!


  1. THANK YOU JEN... I'm honored to be mentioned on your page. THANK YOU for making #gardenchat a success each week. It is all about amazing gardeners sharing their love for gardening and you are at the top of the list of those amazing people!!! Happy Spring - and I love watching what you have growing in your new greenhouse.

  2. Hi Jenn!

    Thank you so much for the nice words! I am honored to be included in this list of amazing garden friends. You've made my day girl. Big smiles xo

    <3 Nicky

  3. Love the wonderful dishes and introductions to the growers and bloggers that created them. And you are spot on about our beloved garden gal pal and host of #gardenchat @BG_garden is so much fun to grow with and I had the pleasure to finally meet her at P Allen Smith garden2blog event. From tweeting to phone calls to Skyping on a weekly bases for the past couple of years to meeting her one on one face to face Brenda Haas is a Jewel. I am honored to be in the garden with all of you Annie

  4. Love the links! Thanks for sharing. The artichokes definitely piqued my interest. I can't get enough of them. Thankfully, my plants are really producing this year.

  5. This is my first visit to your blog. I discovered it by RT from @thedailypalette. My comment: delicious! I look forward to visiting again and often!!! Thank you! @mrswoodin

  6. Oh so many good reads out there. I enjoy reading Tracey's blog at I mean don't you love the name? I also like Great recipes!

  7. Bren, You are welcome! I love the Garden community! Lots happening in the very crowded greenhouse!

    Nikki, I'm glad I made your day friend! Keep smiling!

    Annie, I cant wait to meet you and Bren one day! It will be a hoot! Thanks for all you do Annie!

    Hi Julie, I'm glad you will be enjoying many artichokes! Think of me when you enjoy them!

    Catharine, Thanks for the visit! I love love the daily pallete! She is fabulous!

    Kristin, Thanks for those links! House of giggles is a fun name! Off to visit those blogs now!


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