Sunday, May 1, 2011

Jenn's Favorite Things In May! 2 year Bloggaverasry Celebration!

Amazing things have happened to me since I started my blog 2 years ago in May!
I have met many wonderful people and made a number friends through Blogging and Twitter.The best part,  the Garden Community of friends I have made. I have learned so much from all of them.

My very first veggie garden 5 years ago

When I started this blog, I was simply a Veggie grower. I had been gardening for a few years before I started to blog. I learned to garden from my Grandma Jimmie! We had a huge veggie garden! Every year she canned her summer bounty! My favorite, The black eyed peas with onion, Yum! Oh.... and the fired Okra in cornmeal. I had this deep want of getting back to my roots and grow my own food and preserve it! I had no interest in growing flowers or diving into a deeper realm of gardening. I am glad I didn't listen  to what I thought I wanted to do! Gardening has brought peace to my life and so much more!

Recently, I was asked to work a garden show and had a blast! I had free reign of creating the vegetable garden area! Awesome, right!  

My Vegetable Garden at Cal State Garden Show

I was so inspired by my friend and now plant mentor Jeannie Hanson! She got my wheels turning and I  started my own small buissness as a Vegetable Garden Coach! So many people approached me wanting Vegetable gardens, but they didn't know where to start! None of this may have been possible without my blog and great inspirations like Jeannie telling me to jump and not leap into my garden dreams. 

May is a fun Gardening month!
 Some states have been in the garden for awhile and some are just now hitting their soil! The states have been having some crazy weather experiences! I hope all my friends back east are staying safe!

With May being my Bloggaverasry month, it's time for a month of Jenn's Favorite Things!!!

The whole month of May is dedicated to all the things I LOVE as a  Gardener, Preserver, Cook, Reader & Blogger. The month will be filled with Giveaways, Guest Bloggers, Garden Projects, Canning and Recycle Garden Ideas! I hope you join me in celebrating the month of May! Stay tuned everyday in May for a new post and a possible giveaway!

All Winners will be announced On May 31, 2011

Thanks for being a follower of the blog and friend! I appreciate all of you!!!

Happy Gardening Friends!!!


  1. It sounds great! You have been very inspiring to me, since I started blogging. I know you have taught me many things. Can't wait to see what is in store this month!

  2. You are one of my Besties! I am glad we are friends!

  3. I'll be following along!

    @SolakNC/ Tom

  4. Loved reading this post. You're a genuine person and it shows through your writing! I started off with flowers only, and just last year, got into veggie gardening. Very cool! :)

  5. Tom, Thanks for visiting! Im glad to see you will joining in for the month of may giveaways!

    GardenHoard, Thanks for those lovely words! I may be hitting you up for flower growing advice :-)


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