Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Green Gardener's Guide!

Making the changes to be "Green" is a personal decision and a good one!
When I started in my adventures of being  "Green" I really only knew about recycling and water conservation. 
I knew I wanted to do more. Not just to lower my family's carbon footprint, but to educate myself and other's in my life. Change has to start somewhere!
 As I started my own personal research by reading various outlets, via books, magazines,articles and of course the internet, I found myself overwhelmed. My thought was, how am I going to incorporate so many of these "green" changes in my life?

One of my main goals was to "green" my garden space. I truly had no idea how to begin. As I researched more, I found out i was actually already greening up my garden. I have incorporated many items into my garden that I recycled from old bed frames for raised beds to box spring frames for trellis's. I was composting most of my kitchen scraps, either the chickens got them or the compost pile! Yet, I wanted to do more. My next thoughts were water runoff, bug control and native plants for my garden landscape. Then my brain really took off, I wanted a full Organic gardening lifestyle. No pesticides or harmful chemicals.

Then one day the clouds parted and the sun shot rays from the clouds! 
I found what I was seeking, a book by Joe Lamp'l!

 The book I am speaking of is The Green Gardener's Guide This book is a great resource for someone wanting to green up their garden space.
This book has chapters full of information on greening up your garden. Through out the book Joe has, Did You Know sections. These sections help explain different topics he is discussing in the book. I also love his tidbits about The Impact of Gardening Green.

I really love how Joe gives a section on 10 Simple Actions to get you off to a fast start! With the 10 Simple Actions, he gives advice from growing plants in the right place, to testing your soil and including rain barrels for roof top run off!

My favorite section of the book is Chapter 7 Gardening to Protect the Ecosystem. To me, this chapter is important! Protecting our Ecosystems are very important to our earth! Imagine having a happy Ecosystem in your growing space! You can have one. All you have to do is start with your own growing space. Sounds simple and truly, it is that simple.

Joe Lamp'l is also on a great PBS show along with Patti Moreno called Growing a Greener World
Growing a Greener World shows so many ways to garden and shares all these wonderful places that are working hard at changing how people eat and grow. From Urban Farming to Seed saving. The show has a great group of people who truly care about what they are doing and love sharing great content. They are always ready to answer questions and share garden advice. If you haven't seen the show, check out the link above. They have many wonderful episodes for you to preview. If you are into Podcasts, check those out too. Oh, you must check out Chef Nathan Lion he has wonderful recipes for you to try!

As part of my Favorite Things in May continues, their is a giveaway my friends! Joe Lamp'l has been Awesome enough to give one of my readers his book. Everyone needs a good book like The Green Gardener' Guide. It will change the way you grow!

For this giveaway all you have to do is share your favorite episode of Growing a Greener World and why it's your favorite! If you haven't seen any of the episodes, go check them out and watch a couple and enter back here. Good Luck!

Winner will be announced May 31, 2011

Happy Gardening!!!


  1. I love the episode he did at the Worm farm. I compost so that was a fun one to watch.

  2. I loved the recent community garden one. This is my first year participating in a community garden and I loved what he had to say about it!


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