Friday, May 20, 2011

Rabbits vs. The Garden...Liquid Fence to the rescue!

Rabbits have invaded my garden!!!
This is worse then the pending Rapture!

Like most, I continue to look for greener ways  and company's that do "Green" for my garden and landscape!
Being green is important to me! I have children and pets that play. It is important for me,to make sure they are playing in areas that have no harsh chemicals.

My recent issue has been jack rabbits! They are in full force this time of year. They just love eating All my lettuce and strawberries. Those darn jack rabbits are now after my chard, oh did I mention they like kale too. My backyard garden is an all you can eat buffet! Well NO MORE! I have taken action! Don't get me wrong I love bunnies! We have bunnies and their Poo makes wonderful fertilizer in my garden. If those pesky jack rabbits would fertilize, I would gladly let them have a snack!

One of the best Rabbit repellents I have found so far is made by Liquid Fence. Liquid Fence strives to make you Environmentally safe products! They are always ready to answer your questions and find the right product for you. Liquid Fence is even on Twitter. Emily is always happy to answer any of your questions. It has been a pleasure getting to know her. It makes me feel like I have a better relationship with the company by having her interact with me about all my questions. Liquid Fence has also joined the fight against Breast Cancer! When you purchase Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent 25 cents of the purchase goes towards the fight against Breast Cancer. What a wonderful caring company! Such a great cause.

I started using the Rabbit Repellent  last spring when I had a jack rabbit issue. I was at my wits end! The product is very easy to use, aim and shoot! You just spray near and around the area's of the rabbit infestation. You can even spray your edibles! It is safe! 100% natural. The product has a very strong unpleasant smell, it does go away. I mean it really is stinky! Small price to pay to save your edibles my friends! The smell is what I think keeps the rabbits away. I wouldn't eat in a smelly area! I also started using it again a couple months ago.Guess what, I haven't seen a jack rabbit lately, and my lettuces are looking fabulous!

Things I like about Liquid Fence Rabbit Repellent:

Environmentally Safe & Biodegradable
Can be used on edible crops (read directions)
Rain Resistant (a plus since Mother Nature cant make up her mind)
Repels with Scent & Taste 
This product is Eco friendly
100% money back guarantee!!! 

They also sell CowPots which I love for seed starting! They are made from cow poo! Pretty clever! Once your seeds get growing, you can plant the whole container. CowPots are also a renewable resource. I just recently started some peppers, okra and more tomato's using CowPots!

Now that you know a little bit about the product and the company. How about a giveaway!!!

Liquid Fence is giving 1 of you all of this! A Go Green Goody Bag! 
For this giveaway, I am going to have to really make you earn it!

Tell us your Eco friendly ways of keeping Rabbits out of your garden.
It can be sprays you make to fencing or friendly traps! Send pictures of structures you make to keep Rabbits out! This will get you entered for this giveaway! Send pics to I will post your pics here, giving you full credit with a link to your blog! Tweet the giveaway for more entry's . You can also check out Liquid  Fence on FaceBook
Winner will be announced May 31, 2011

Good Luck!!!
Happy Gardening!!!


Lots of great Comments! Here's pictures by Andrew Odom 
Check Him out Tiny r(e)volution
His Rabbit Trap! So Awesome!

Pictures Courtesy of Andrew Odom

He shows the inside of the Rabbit trap. Middle picture shows him setting up the trap. Final Picture, No bunnies, but Awesome Possums!

Great Pictures Andrew, Thanks for sharing!



  1. Too bad I don't get rabbits around my garden lol... ;) Product sounds wonderful! I especially love the cowpots. I have to try them!

  2. Wow, what a wonderful GIVEAWAY I don't know a gardener or a Independent Woman Rancher who could not use that bag of tricks this growing season : )

  3. Almost two years ago when Crystal and I lived in middle Georgia we decided that a few of our plants were being gobbled by rabbits. We couldn't be sure but just for some added peace of mind we decided it would be a good time to go back to our roots and have a little rabbit stew. You can find our recipe of choice here:

    Note the red wine. We are a sophisticated lot, no doubt!

    Well, in order to catch said rabbits we turned my dad. Surely he had in his memory an idea of how he caught rabbit in his childhood. And, to be sure, he did! We pulled together some old pallet wood and string and got to building.

    The design was pretty much this concept:

    So once we had built the trap our results were less than admirable. After 9 or 10 days and ample checks of the box, we discovered the door has been snapped shut and upon shaking the box, realized we had something! Crystal and I had the idea to slowly open the door just enough for her to reach our little camera in the crack and snap a picture. LORD HAVE MERCY! We had caught two possum. In short, that ended our rabbit hunting days. (pics were emailed and should appear sometime.)

  4. Hi Jenn! I don't have a rabbit or ground squirrel problem even since I got my pug, lol. I picked up some Liquid Fence for my mother in law, she has a jack rabbit and deer issue.

  5. I have no rabbits here, Jenn! I have squirrels though.

  6. Thanks for all your comments! Everyone is entered! You get extra entries For Pics!

    Thanks Andrew for the pics. I know you didint catch rabbits, but at least the trap worked and you caught something!

  7. We put a picket fence up around our garden, and then staple rabbit guard fencing to the picket fence. It keeps out the rabbits, however, it doesn't deter any of the squirrels or birds!

  8. The opossum is adorable! haha

    I sprinkle pepper on my plants and also use this 'Deer Off' stuff. I think it's deer pee but I don't remember :) I am looking for new options this year. We'll see!

  9. Hi Jenn,
    I am visiting those who left comments on my milkweed post. You had asked about direct seeding. I get plants, so I've never grown them from seed, but the person I sent some from my butterfly milkweed said the seeds she planted are coming up. Awhile back, I found some pods and planted the seeds from them. They haven't come up yet, but the spot may not get as much sun as they'd prefer. They are slow to come up in the spring, so maybe the seeds take awhile to germinate.

    About the rabbits, in April, we put chicken wire around the chain link fence after I was tired of them eating down the peas and beans and eating chunks out of the lettuces. I also put some smaller sections of mesh type fence that I got at a garage sale, held down by landscape pins. I am pleased that the plants that had been eaten way down are now growing and looking much better. The enclosures are not pretty, though.

    In front, some plants the rabbits had left alone awhile got chomped. I had been waiting for drier weather before getting the Liquid Fence sprayed. There were a couple times I would have sprayed it if I didn't have the larger bottle that had the hose attachment that I had in the garage. Last Sunday, I was fed up, and got it sprayed, knowing it could rain. In a couple days, I saw a rabbit in the yard again, so I sprayed the LF again. I hope it worked. I plan to go out again in the next few days. It would have worked better if the rabbits hadn't already enjoyed the buffet. I also sprayed my flower and veggie gardens that are across the street. While there, a rabbit emerged from the flowers, and took its time to scoot under the fence to the back yard, as I was spraying right at it. I missed.

    If I get a chance, I'll send photos.

  10. I hope all of your efforts work to get rid of those waskely wabbits! Nice blog and first time visiter.

    I just joined Sacramento connect and found you there. I have a blog also and live in Roseville. No rabbit problems here, just rats! My blog is Sweetstuff's Sassy Succulents.


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