Monday, May 16, 2011

Strange Weather with the first Tomato!

Crazy weather is happening everywhere! 
What happened to April showers bring May flowers?

In this wonderful month of May, we have gone from 90 degree weather to the 50's with rain, hail, thunder and lightning!
 I made a mad dash in my flip flops to save some tomato's and other flowers and plants on Sunday. The hail was in full force. I guess it is the closest thing to snow my California backyard garden will ever see! 
I lost 3 Tomato plants, they were simply pummeled by hail! I suppose it is a small thing to lose. But to me sad, starting plants from seed and taking care of them for a couple of months before they are ready for the big kid garden is alot of time and love. Good thing I plan ahead and always double the amount of seeds I start, just in case! Here are some of the pictures I took in my mad dash! They are a little rough, I was trying to protect my camera from the hail!

Russian Persimmon Tomato's

Part of my garden

Lettuce Bed & Chard

Onion, Dill & Herbs

The upside, I may not have seen the first Tomato growing on the vine had I not rushed to save my plants from the hail!
Even if my hubby kinda shook his head with a little sly smile murmuring, Crazy Woman! He was kind enough to toss me a towel to dry off, since I now looked like a drowned crazy woman!

Here it is! My first Tomato! It is a Yellow Pear Tomato! 

Yellow Pear Tomato

How are your Tomato's growing?
What Tomato's are you growing?

Happy Gardening Friends!!!


  1. I'm just hoping mine don't freeze to death. I planted some outside last week, when it was 90 degrees in the chicagoland area. This week it's getting down into the 30s. Sigh. Sounds like the crazy weather goes across the country.

    Good luck with the tomatoes. Those yellow pear ones are yummy--I grew some last year. I can't remember if I planted them this year or not. I lost all the labels. I'll know when they come up. ;)

  2. I am growing yellow pear tomatoes this year too! Hail is pretty scary stuff...we had some here recently the size of golf balls! Its sad about your tomatoes, but good thing you had backups.

  3. Melissa, We went from the 90's to the 50's too. I love the yellow pears too. They are good! Cant wait to see your tomato's surprises are fun!

    GardenMom, That is crazy Hail, Our hail was like small gum balls. Golf balls sound scary!

  4. That is just nuts! About half of my tomatoes are outside in the cold boxes, but I need this weather to stop being nuts so I can move them into the ground, and move the next set out to the cold boxes to harden!

  5. Sorry to hear you lost your tomato plants! I would have been so upset too. We had hail here last week, luckily the new plants I bought were under the patio table!

  6. My tomatoes are kicking butt! I don't have a tomato yet, but lots of flowers. I'm hoping by the end of next week, I'll see some forming! I am super excited about the yellow pear tomatoes. I was going to save the seeds you sent me for next year, but now I think I'll have to start them this year and hope I get to harvest before the frost! Very cool!


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