Monday, May 16, 2011

Wall Flower Studio, Seed Ball Fun/and a Giveaway!

The best part about Social Media is the wonderful people you get to meet and become friends with! You seek out people who are like you and share many of the same interests!

As the month continues with My Favorite things in May, I want to tell you all about my friend Karen Sloan of Wall Flower Studio! Karen is a Horticulturist, Artist and Floral Designer, she resides in Ontario. The seeds on her site are Organically grown and non GMO seeds! These are seeds she saves from her garden!

You must check out her Art work as well! Gorgeous! One day, I would love to have her art hanging in my home!

Art by Karen Sloan

Karen like me is into a sustainable lifestyle! Like most of us, trying to make the world a better place! 
She also has a pretty Fabulous Etsy shop.
 She sales organic seeds, greeting cards, dried botanical teas, and seed balls. You should check out her shop if you are into Organics and Eco products!

 I first learned about Karen from #SuperSowSunday, an event held on twitter on Super Bowl Sunday! Where like minded gardeners get together and talk about seeds and sow them together!
 Karen was kind enough to giveaway some of her products for this event! I won some of her Plantable Paper Garden Greetings Greeting cards with seeds embedded in them that you toss in the garden and grow!
 Pretty genius! 

Here is a post by Karen about how to create Seed Balls !

Picture by Karen Sloan of Wall Flower Studios

Picture by Karen Sloan of Wall Flower Studios

Karen is giving 1 of my readers Seed Balls for my Favorite Things in May giveaway! She is just Fabulous!
I encourage you all to take some time and check out Wall Flower Studio. You will love what she has to offer!

All you have to do is share with me, some ways you are artistic in your garden or ways you are trying to make a change in being organic!

Good Luck Friends!!!

Winner will be announced May 31, 2011
Make sure you share the giveaways with friends, all are welcome!
Also if you tweet the giveaways let me know so you have an extra entry! I am @4bratz2luv on Twitter!


  1. Wow this is pretty cool, I never heard of seed balls or greeting cards seeds! That s perfect for gardeners!
    Well I will share how I try to have an organic and sustainable life, me and my husband recycle all our recyclable garbage, we saves all bottles and cans, and take them to a recycling place, I recycle all our green waste into our compost, and we do not used chemical insecticides or fungicides in our garden, we make our anti bug sprays with natural ingredients most of them coming from our garden like tomato leaves (you can check some on my blog) :), I hope this is an entry for the giveaway too! :)

  2. We are trying to be all organic in our garden this year,its a little more work but I think worth it in the end. We also love painting nice murals on your shed walls, they change each year!

  3. I am going to try extremely hard not to use pesticides. I have always used them - which is absolutely horrible. I never really knew the consequences until starting to network with other gardeners on Twitter/Facebook. I know that there are organic ways to solve bug problems, and I don't need to poison the earth by doing so! My goal this year is to maintain a completely organic garden, which will in turn provide me with all organic seeds. Hooray! Loved reading the post about seed balls on Karen's blog - and can't wait to try to make some! I have been intrigued with them ever since I saw them. Very cool!


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