Friday, March 5, 2010

Adventures in worm collecting!

Worms are great for the garden!They help breakdown compost and help aerate the dirt around your plants.

After a rain storm, take a walk around your neiborhood. Worms are usually on sidewalks and walkways. Take a small container with you and gather all the worms you see along the walk. Bring them home and add them to your garden or compost pile. Let them do some of the work in the garden.

This is also fun if you have little ones. They love bugs and worms. My youngest always wants to go out for walks after it rains. She knows its worm collecting time. She also likes to share some of the worms with the chickens and they love her for it!

Happy Gardening!


  1. LOL, I have worms, but never thought of taking them from other yards. Well, it looks like you have a good harvest of them!

  2. hi jenn
    i'm new to compostng and just bought 2000 redwigglers from uncle jims worm farm in pa
    after following his advise for setting up a bin
    I was waiting for the mail shipment of the little
    reds to oome it had rained all nite here in southeat pa. I took a walk and found over 300 full grown earthworms in


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