Sunday, September 5, 2010

Super-sized Nasturtiums for September

What a great growing season it has been!
I have been hard at work growing food this year. For the first time I incorporated flowers.
The Spitfire Nasturtium has been a great addition to my garden. This year has been a great growing season for me. 

I have never seen Nasturtium leaves  this big before! I had my teenage son but his next to the leaves for comparison.

They are HUGE! I did add rabbit poo and aged horse manure to this flower bed.

This Nasturtium is growing with other flowers in a flower bed I started this year.

Nasturtiums also found a happy home with my Tomitillos! I have learned that Nasturtiums are a great companion to any garden area. They add pretty foliage and a pop of color to any area.
I am so happy to have grown the Nasturtium Spitfire. I am glad I tried something new.

I have collected many seeds for next year and can't wait to grow them for years to come! The weather has not stopped them from trucking on. Although Cali weather has been odd this summer. I think my "Nasties" will continue on till the first frost. They seem very happy in my backyard garden!

"Im growing the Nasturtium "Spitfire" for the Grow Project Thanks to Renee's Garden for the seeds!"


  1. I can't believe the size of those leaves!

  2. Your Nasturtium leaves are huge. They are almost of the size of my lotus leaves. But then, if you are the one planting lotus, perhaps, the lotus leaves would be gigantic. Do you eat only the flowers of Nasturtium or the leaves as well?

  3. Whoah, what are you guys feeding this monster leaves? I'm going to have to go out and look at mine and see if I have any dino leaves.


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